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The following is a collection of album redesigns across three different genres of music. The final products reflect planned compositions and a new interpretation of each album.

summer 2019
packaging | photography
CD Space Cover3.jpg

Space by Sleeping at Last feels soothing and atmospheric, and is classified between indie and alternative. I created the redesign by photographing vibrant slime. This abstractly captures the album's peaceful ambience as well as its emphasis on discovery and creation. The album unfolds to reveal the CD as the center sun of its space. I also created lyric cards that insert into the left panel when open.

CD for Web-06.jpg
CD for Web-07.jpg
CD for Web-10.jpg
CD for Web-08.jpg
CD for Web-11.jpg

"Happy Endings" by Old Dominion is upbeat and fun-filled contemporary country album. The songs highlight relationships that are less than ideal, so the irony behind the tracks inspired the humorous design of an LP package. The final product includes the jacket cover, gatefold, sleeve, and vinyl labels.

happy endings
Vinyl Record Back.jpg
Vinyl Record Sleeve.jpg

"Tell Me It's Real" by Seafret is a mellow indie pop album about searching for truth and your path. The album redesign uses intimate, elegant shots in front of stained glass to interpret this searching as a spiritual journey.

tell me it's real
CD for Web-12.jpg
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