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Noted is a publication that highlights the work of newfound  authors and allows for playful exploration and expression. It celebrates the new while acknowledging the structure and discipline of literary strategy. The visual identity uses inversion of type as image and layered elements as stream-of-consciousness to articulate the art of writing.  Additionally, I have created standards that dictate elements of the publication that can be applied to future editions.    

summer 2019
publication design
Spread 1.jpg
Spread 4.jpg
Spread 2.jpg
Spread 3.jpg
Spread 5.jpg

I explored wordmarks with themes of expression, discipline, playfulness, and fusion. The final wordmark uses Helvetica Neue as a base typeface to show that Noted is taking the tried and true variables of writing but refreshing them  with newfound authors. It communicates the flow and expression in writing with its posture and extended terminals, a disciplined structure with its tall x-height, and approachability with its rounded, lowercase letterforms and edges.

Hand Noted.jpg

To carry on inspiration in the wordmark, I studied type pairings that communicate flow and soft forms. I chose the pair of Aller and Calluna  because they were created with the idea and intention of flowing forms in mind. Additionally, the contrasting serifs in Calluna develop a new texture across the page and speak to traditional writing from serif fonts. Lastly, An array of possible layouts led to my final page designs, and I developed a system of standards to apply to future editions.

type + layout
Type Pairings images_Page_5.jpg
Type Pairings images_Page_3.jpg
Type Pairings images_Page_4.jpg
Type Pairings images_Page_2.jpg
Type Pairings images_Page_1.jpg
Early Layout  Article 1 6.jpg
Early Layout  Article 1.22 .jpg
Early Layout  Article 1 2.jpg
Early Layout  Article 1 3.jpg
Layout 1.jpg
Layout 12.jpg
Early Layout  Article 1 4.jpg
 Type -10.jpg
Early Layout  Article 2 3.jpg
Early Layout  Article 2 2.jpg
Early Layout  Article 2 .jpg
Layout 14.jpg
Layout 13.jpg
JH Blue-04.jpg
Early Layout  Article 2 4.jpg
Type 3 Process Long Spreads.jpg
Type 3 Process Long Spreads8.jpg
Type 3 Process Long Spreads3.jpg
Type 3 Process Long Spreads2.jpg
Table of Contents Drafts4.jpg
Table of Contents Drafts3.jpg
Table of Contents Drafts2.jpg
Table of Contents Drafts.jpg
Table of Contents.jpg
Cover Pages 3.jpg
Cover draft.jpg
Noted Standards.jpg
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