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Sound Assertions

Sound Assertions is a hypothetical music and entertainment event celebrating the history of jazz.  The event highlights three pioneers of the genre, Buddy Bolden,  Fats Waller, and Jason Kao Hwang, and features one poster honoring each. The final posters flow into each other using  an illustrative style to encompass the energetic,  rhythmic, and playful movement of jazz.


Following the poster series, I created a short motion piece to promote the event. I decided to highlight  the posters of Fats and Buddy due to their anchoring and directional qualities that allow them to play off of each other. The motion piece is fast-pace, and a reflection of dueling artists in jazz fighting for recognition with their improvisational skills.  

fall 2018
poster series | motion design

Sound on!

Storyboard Edited-01.jpg
Storyboard Edited-02.jpg
Storyboard Edited-03.jpg
Storyboard Edited-04.jpg
Storyboard Edited-05.jpg
Storyboard Edited-06.jpg
Storyboard Edited-07.jpg
Storyboard Edited-08.jpg
Storyboard Edited-09.jpg

Process for the poster series began with research, a mood board, and gestural analog and digital concept sketches. Sketching captured the energy  and vibrations of the music, and I worked with hands to emphasize the musician's impact to their sound and jazz movement. Layout iterations determined the best graphic expression according to each musician's sound. Digital sketches  explored typographic texture, integration, hierarchy and alignment.

poster process
Digital Sketch_Page_03.jpg
Digital Sketch_Page_11.jpg
Digital Sketch_Page_10.jpg
Digital Sketch_Page_02.jpg
Digital Sketch_Page_09.jpg
Jazz rnd 2&3-11.jpg
Digital Sketch_Page_06.jpg
Digital Sketch_Page_01.jpg
Digital Sketch_Page_08.jpg
Digital Sketch_Page_05.jpg
Jazz 3rd.jpg
Digital Sketch_Page_07.jpg
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