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Trinsic is a speculative currency series based on enneagram 
types that offers an exchange of self in the 22nd century.

People have spent the 21st century being over stimulated by visual learning: it is now time we learn by feeling rather than seeing. The designs are seals placed on one's palm that represent each person's individual enneagram. This technological seal collects information about experiences and emotions. When two people join hands, their seals visually transform as they are able to experience each other's thoughts that are difficult to put into words.

summer 2021
exploratory image making

Each seal is modeled after an enneagram type. The form represents their strengths, while the graphic represents their weaknesses. When touching hands to another person, the seal reveals a "connection state" on the back of each person's hand. When they disconnect, their palm graphic will be transformed indicating we are always evolving with the connections we make. 

design strategy
Process Book_new-05.jpg
Process Book_new-05.jpg
Process Book_new-07.jpg
Process Book_new-07.jpg
Process Book_new-04.jpg
Process Book_new-04.jpg
Process Book_new-06.jpg
Process Book_new-06.jpg
Process Book_new-09.jpg
Process Book_new-08.jpg

Iterations on the seal graphics were inspired by the album "Enneagram" by  Sleeping at Last. I created patterns and imagery based around the themes and concepts for different personality types. To apply the graphics to the exchange of self, I considered different visuals and information the seals may have to convey.

Process Book_new-12.jpg
Process Book_new-14.jpg
Process Book_new-15.jpg
Process Book_new-13.jpg

More process coming soon.

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